Beyond just business. The unique personalities that we have the opportunity to meet coupled with the relentlessly passionate sneaker community is the reason why we love what we do- so, so much. Every sneaker, every silhouette, every colorway, every style has a personality of its own that is elevated by a one of a kind individual. We know all this because it is what we live everyday and we are blessed to even be able to provide the smallest contribution to the community. 

Our Promise

The ultimate customer experience. The FNV Team live by the philosophy that every sneaker lover will be treated as one of our own. You are part of the team and we are relentless in ensuring that FNV presents itself with humanity among the community we share. 


We specialize in sneaker care and unique sneaker accessories that you wouldn't find in traditional retail. We provide a level of delicate craftsmanship balanced with precision detail. All our products are pre-approved before entering inventory, and we guarantee that all of our products will remain at the highest quality before it reaches you.


Join us to get all the FNV team exclusives.